Visualisation ART
«All I want you to do when you look at your dream, is say to yourself that ITS POSSIBLE, because you see it begins to change your belief system. The way in which we operate — is a manifestation is a reproduction of what we believe is possible for us»
Les Brown
Why Visualisation Art is for you?
You know that Visualization creates physical reality
You know that Thoughts become things
You are in pursuit of your dream life and you are ready to take action
You are keen to invest in your future
Who Am I
  • I am Author of Unique Motivational Art Practice

  • I create personalized Motivational Art works as a tool to manifest your dream future

  • I Hold the Precious Title - An Official Artist of Principality of Monte Carlo

  • I Created 10+ Project Series with 300 + Unique Original Collage Art Works with Augmented Reality

  • I am the One to help you build your dream destiny with my Motivational Collage Artwork
Years I work in my Personal Patented Technique of Collage “PiecesArt”
People Lives with my Motivational Art
Worldwide Exhibitions in Art Fairs , World Museums including Guggenheim NY I Participated
Individual Portraits I made“Haute Couture for Celebrities“ like Dolce Gabbana Family, Kardashian Family, Prince Albert II and Many Others…
«As you stare at your personalized Artwork with your dream life day in and day out, you start getting comfortable with and you start changing your belief system,
and the universe responds to you»
Daria Usova
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